Hands-on leadership and management experience: In addition to being experts in work-based learning, apprenticeships and higher education, the UCQ team have extensive hands on leadership and management experience gained from working across a wide range of industries, employer types and sizes; these span SME’s and venture capital-backed firms all the way through to Fortune 500 giants. Our experience of business ensures there is no disconnect between the academic concepts and theories we teach and their practical application in the workplace.

Click here to hear from two of our students on why they chose to study with UCQ, and how we are them to become better managers.

Aligned with the needs of employers: UCQ’s dedicated corporate and commercial team are responsible for managing aspects of our organisation including employer engagement and relationship management, ensuring we remain aligned with the needs of employers at all times.

Programmes relevant to employer’s business: Every aspect of our degree apprenticeships is directly relevant to and based around our students’ work. The UCQ approach is to facilitate long-lasting learning assessed via contextualised, relevant work assignments ensuring skills are practiced, perfected and embedded in the work place.

Following the UCQ approach, the outcome for employers is engaged and qualified managers with proven skills, knowledge and behaviours, who are better at their jobs, able to drive improvements in business performance and results; a few of which include: –

  • Improved employee engagement
  • Strengthening net promoter scores and levels of customer satisfaction
  • Growth in income and revenues
  • Improved average order value and opportunity flow rate
  • Growing levels of new product development and releases
  • Enhanced operational efficiencies and cost optimisation
  • Daily innovation and quality improvements
  • Reduced debtor days and better cash flows

and, of course

  • improved earnings or surplus

The list goes on, but the point remains, UCQ helps employers develop better managers able to drive sustainable business improvements and bottom line growth.

Programmes which advance careers: Completing a UCQ degree apprenticeship will assist managers in advancing their careers by enabling them to demonstrate tangible improvements in the performance of their roles and responsibilities, placing them in a stronger position to develop their teams, step up to higher level responsibilities or be considered for promotion. Plus, achieving the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship will enable them to progress to  post-graduate level programmes, ensuring their professional development and career, can continue to progress.