UCQ offer a free webinar service for employers to help them better understand Degree Apprenticeships and how they can be used to unleash business performance and stimulate your people’s professional and social mobility. Our webinars generally last between 45 minutes and 1 hour. Answers to the following frequently asked questions are provided throughout the session;

  • Why were Degree Apprenticeships originally developed?
  • How do Degree Apprenticeships differ from conventional degree programmes?
  • What job roles do Degree Apprenticeships cover?
  • Surely these programmes are just for young new recruits?
  • Do my staff need to be at university once a week?
  • What is the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship (CMDA)?
  • How long is the CMDA and what subjects does it cover?
  • How will the CMDA help improve my business’s performance or advance my career?
  • What are the entry requirements to join the CMDA?
  • What qualifications will I receive when I graduate?
  • Where is the CMDA delivered and when can I start?
  • Can furloughed staff be enrolled onto degree apprenticeships?

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