We know from experience that there is a vast pool of great talent in the managers of UK industry, who are ready for an opportunity to further develop and hone their knowledge and skills. However, it is also the case, according to the former Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), that ineffective management costs UK businesses £19 billion a year, 43% of employees consider their line manager to be ineffective and 80% of UK managers are not qualified to do the job. Professional development is therefore vital to ensure you get the results you need and maximum return on investment from the people you place in management roles.

Why UCQ?

In addition to being experts in work-based learning, degree apprenticeships and higher education, the UCQ team have extensive hands on leadership and management experience gained from working across a wide range of industries, employer types and sizes…


Work-Based Learning

Work-based learning allows employees to develop key skills, in management; leadership and more that will directly benefit both them and the business or organisation they work for.


Sectors and Clients

UCQ works across the public, private and third sectors and our clients include many different types of organisation ranging from government departments through to Small/Medium Enterprise (SME) and Fortune 500 giants.


Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship

Developed by employers, for employers, degree apprenticeships, such as the UCQ Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship, are an innovative new form of work-based learning, offering individuals an alternative way of achieving a degree than attending open, class-based degree programmes.


Apprenticeship Levy Calculator

Use the UCQ free apprenticeship levy calculator for an indication of what you may be required to pay into the Apprenticeship