UCQ - empowering managers to advance their careers

Listen to one of our students explain how UCQ is helping him reach the “C-Suite”.



UCQ is a new breed of higher education institute being encouraged by the UK Government.

We are entirely focused on helping employers drive improvements in the performance of their organisations and businesses through work-based learning, with an emphasis on degree apprenticeships.

We combine academic rigour with real world business know-how, and the UCQ approach to helping improve business results is centred around developing the leadership and management capabilities of both your current and future managers.

We deliver degree apprenticeships throughout England, and our professional learning centres are located in England’s six largest metropolitan areas, from Newcastle to London.

We also have the ability to bring degree apprenticeships straight to your door. If your business has a suitable learning space, UCQ can conduct the lectures in the comfort and convenience of your own offices.

We help you develop your existing, experienced leaders and managers, employees stepping up or across to their first management role or new talent coming into the organisation to build the your future leadership pipeline.

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